About Us

A Hero's Journey: The Saguaro Bloom Story

The quest for good health is a hero’s journey.

Tackling medical problems head-on takes courage and commitment. The battles can hurt – emotionally and physically – but persevering can often unlock the true potential within and reveal strengths previously hidden.

Our particular journey starts with Jesse D. Greer, MD, an internal medicine physician and former Green Beret who has trained Special Forces medics and supported critical combat operations in destinations as far-flung as Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Witnessing the struggles and fortitude of the human experience forged a powerful desire in Jesse to harness his unconventional problem-solving ability and medical skill to improve everyone’s journey through America’s ailing healthcare system – beyond just the battlefield. Saguaro Bloom was born in 2020 with the goal of helping communities engage with and take control over their health.

Specializing in personalized medical labs and diagnostics, Saguaro Bloom initially focused on supporting America during the pandemic, bringing COVID-19 testing to over 500,000 people and building a nationwide testing infrastructure. The next step was to broaden our diagnostic menu, with the added benefit of strong customer service values.

Through Saguaro Bloom, Jesse sees
a healthier future, and it starts with testing.

By making testing easier, faster and more accessible, Saguaro Bloom puts the individual in charge of their medical journey. As well as ensuring quick and affordable testing kits – at home if necessary - we also believe providers should have the in-house clinical capabilities to perform a panel of reliable tests during appointments, saving time, money and improving patient outcomes.

Continuing the mission started by Jesse, our commitment is to facilitate prompt, straightforward testing for whoever needs it, with as little disruption to life as possible.

Your good health is a hero's journey.
You no longer have to walk that road alone.